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PNRR: Italian Missions


The first mission of the Italian Plan for Recovery and Resilience has as primary objective to give a stimulus to the revival of the national competitiveness and productivity. It is structured and divided in three parts:

  • Public Administration digitalization, innovation and security
  • Productive system digitalization, innovation and competitivity
  • Tourism and culture 4.0

This first mission includes a total amount of 40.73 billion Euro, and grants to each part the following division:

  • 9.75
  • 24.30
  • 6.68

Clearly each of them is strictly structured and divided in order to respect the European instructions. 

Italy has become the 25th country in Europe in term of digitalization, these data are frightful, and this is the reason why the government has decided to invest and drastically change the whole structure of the Public Administration throughout a strong digitalization investment and transitions also included in the other missions. 

The second mission of the Italian PNRR, called ‘Green Revolution and Ecological Transition’, is one of the most important of the entire plan and €59.33 billion have been allocated for its achievement.

The mission has 4 components: circular economy and sustainable agriculture; 

renewable energy, hydrogen, and green mobility; energy efficiency and building renovation; protection of land and water resources.

The first component (circular economy and sustainable agriculture) aims primarily at improving waste management and the circular economy, and at developing a smart and sustainable agricultural/food supply chain. It has been allocated €5.27 billion.

The second component (renewable energy, hydrogen, and green mobility) aims at achieving decarbonization of all sectors and at making Italy a global leader in the green sector. It has been allocated €23.78 billion.

The third component (energy efficiency and building renovation) aims at strengthening energy efficiency by increasing the level of efficiency of buildings. It has been allocated €15,22 billion. 

The fourth component (protection of land and water resources) puts in place actions to make the country more resilient to inevitable climate change, protect nature and biodiversity, and ensure the safety and efficiency of the water system. It has been allocated €15,06 billion.

The third mission is related to infrastructures for a sustainable mobility. It aims at modernizing and digitalizing the infrastructural system by 2026, in line with the European Green Deal strategy and the 2030 UN Agenda for sustainable development. 

25,13 billion euros have been allocated for this specific mission. 

This mission has two internal components: the first component is about investments in the rail network, while the second component is about intermodal transports and integrated logistics. 

The third mission aims at strengthening the Italian infrastructural system. This system has deficiencies and delays, which have a significant impact on the country’s potential growth and competitiveness. 

The investments  will pay particular attention to the less connected territories and will therefore be aimed at bridging the gap between the North and South and between urban areas and internal and rural areas of the country.





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