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Thursday, 13th February 2020

From the 10th to the 13th of February, at Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence, took place IMEP & SUN, a simulation of the European Parliament organized by European People, an international organization which stimulates young people to be more aware of being European citizens. The project involved the participation of 60 young students, of 16-18 years old, coming from two High Schools in Tuscany.

This year, the topic chosen for the simulation is the environment, in particular the circular economy and all the related topics, such as pollution and recycling.

During the simulation, students were divided in five parliamentary groups: Schumann, Adenauer, Colombo, Spinelli and Megalizzi. Their main task consisted in studying, modifying, eliminating existing articles, but also creating new ones, of a proposal for a European directive on the environment. The five groups discussed each article of the proposal and consequently voted in to approve or refuse the proposed amendments.

During the last day, all the “members of the European Parliament” voted in a plenary session, the final amendments, in order to approve the final directive.

This year there was a novelty in the organization of the project, involving the participation of four new types of characters: two journalists, two lobbyists, two entrepreneurs and two vice-presidents. Everyone had a different role: making interviews, activities of mediation between the MEPs and struggling for their own interests. This change contributed to make this experience even more interesting and actual. The entire experience took place in English and this has contributed to improve students’ knowledge of English and made this experience unique.

However, going through the many interviews done by the students representing the journalists, the general impression is that this experience helped students to better relate to the world of adults and work, to get more involved in a team working experience and to overcome their personal limits.

A special thank goes to the President of the Commission during the simulation, Claudia Pescara, and the President of the association European People, Marco Parroccini, who allowed the Sacro Cuore Institute of Florence and the Colonna High School of Arezzo to live this enriching and special experience.

By Ferdinando Coda Nunziante and Gregorio Bacci


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