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Access to education for children with disabilities


Children with disabilities have always faced many problems in being accepted and integrated in schools without discriminations. Millions have never even been to school and those who have, are usually separated from their peers and enrolled in “special schools”. UNICEF’s report “State of the world children” reveals that the number of children with disabilities amounts to 93 million worldwide. Discrimination is obviously one of the main causes of the violation of fundamental rights (as the right to education is). 


The right to education for children with disabilities is one of the main pillars of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted in 2006. As a matter of fact, Article 24 urges States to “ensure an inclusive educational system”, “enabling persons with disabilities to participate effectively in a free society”.


Aware of this concerning problem, Afshan Khan, one of UNICEF’s regional managers, calls for the need of investments in order to obtain the essential technology and ensure the access of children with disabilities to education. When talking of essential technology, Mr. Khan refers to tablets, wheelchairs and in general tools that facilitate and support these children, granting them better levels of independence. Given these, it would obviously be much easier to ensure that the right to education is not neglected. 




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